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Key Stage 3

In Year 8, dependent upon a particular pupils' needs, small groups of pupils will be withdrawn from tutor time on a rotational basis, to attend specialist sessions in 'Emotional Literacy', 'Social Competence' or 'Reading Skills' .  All remaining Key Stage 3 pupils that are not accessing any of the above programmes will be following the 'Literacy and Numeracy Programme'.








Emotional Literacy Programme


Emotional literacy is the ability to recognise, understand and appropriately express emotions. Emotional literacy session help pupils to connect with and manage their feelings in a positive way. The groups are tailored to the levels and needs of each student. It teaches students about their emotions as well as how to communicate and express them in an appropriate and positive manner. 




Social Competence Programme


 Social competence is the ability to build and maintain appropriate relationships. Social competence sessions help pupils to learn the skills of social interaction and build their confidence in managing relationships as well as talking aloud in small groups. Each group is tailored specifically to the child. It targets age related social skills and helps with those who are finding it difficult to make or maintain friendships. The programme helps to equip pupils with the skills to tolerate others, speak and listen in a group and take turns whilst also boosting confidence.



Yoga and Mindfulness Therapy


Research suggests that Yoga poses provide a present moment focal point for children who feel overwhelmed by bodily sensations and can provide relief from the over-stimulation of the nervous system. It has been shown to reduce obsessive compulsive symptoms and to alleviate both stress and anxiety. Yoga has been found to have positive benefits for sleeping and eating difficulties including gastrointestinal symptoms.




           Skill-Up Literacy and Numeracy Programme


The Literacy and Numeracy Programme supports pupils to apply these skills into real life, day-to-day practical situations.  This takes place during a tutor time on a weekly basis.