Trainee Quote

“The BASCITT teacher training programme has been an amazing experience and helped me grow personally as well as professionally. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who is looking to further their career!"  Laura

What are the routes into teaching?

School-led initial teacher training 

School-centred initial teacher training (SCITT) is a programme for graduates, run by and based in schools. 
All SCITT courses lead to qualified teacher status (QTS). As an accredited provider we offer CORE training in a range of subjects which is publicised in October 2017.
Or you can apply to the School Direct Training Programme. With School Direct you are selected by one of our Alliance Schools from day one. The school will have a job in mind just for you and you will receive financial support throughout your training. Successful completion of the programme will lead to the award of qualified teacher status (QTS). 

There are two separate School Direct training options: 
• School Direct Training Programme (tuition) is for high-quality graduates who want to be part of a school team from day one. You may be eligible for a bursary of up to £25,000 to support you while you train. 
• School Direct Training Programme (salaried) is an employment-based route for high-quality experienced graduates with at least three years’ work experience. You will earn a salary while you train.  

Apprenticeship Programme - Coming Soon
The new apprenticeship programme which involves a combination of classroom teacher, practical learning and a salary.  This is a unique way of funding your training and it will support you financially through the programme.  In addition, you'll be required to undertake an end-point assessment (EPA) in the final term to ensure you're on track to be an effective newly qualified teacher.

Main features of the provision  
Our course provides the best of both works combining relevant up to date central training sessions with a high percentage of time spent developing those essential skills where it counts….. in the classroom. Central training sessions are held in a partnership school where trainees will receive theoretical sessions covering both specialist subject knowledge and professional themes. 

An additional feature of our course is the emphasis which we place on the knowledge of Special Educational Needs. Through our own research, it is evident that this is an element of ITT which is frequently neglected by many providers. At best they offer their trainees with one or two instructional sessions which is hardly sufficient given the number of children with special educational needs whom we encounter daily within main stream classrooms. We deliver a minimum of 24 hours central training on SEN to all our trainees and then facilitate the deployment of this knowledge during school diversity placements when trainees will be able to experience, observe and participate in the teaching of children with SEN within a specialist environment. Our programme is flexible enough to be able to offer a small group of trainees the option to undertake an SEN specialism; it is anticipated that these trainees will have made a conscious decision to pursue a career within Special Education.  

In summary the Basingstoke Alliance SCITT offers trainees the opportunity to:
• undertake exceptional training lead by current excellent practitioners 
• become familiar with schools and colleagues across the town 
• gain first access to available appointments across the town
• develop a SEN specialism which will provide an excellent knowledge base for employment both in mainstream and special school environments be party to an ‘all through’ two year training programme including attendance at NQT residential conference, if they are appointed to an Alliance School.
• obtain Outdoor Leader qualification.
• attend full Graduation ceremony when celebrating QTS award.