What happens to pupils when they leave school?

The school prides itself on placing all its pupils. Most, if not all, pupils now go on to Post 16 education. Our Parent Pupil Manager works with all our children and their parents to find a suitable Post 16 placement of their choice. The school has a provision called the Link Centre which takes all pupils at Year 9 and develops their skills ready for leaving school.



Does the school have a sixth form?

Not at present, but as an Academy we are now able to look at the feasibility of offering Post 16 provision.



What are the children like?

* All the children at our school have a Statement of Special
   Educational Needs.
* Many are three years academically behind their peers in
   mainstream schools.
* Over 70% of the children are on the autistic spectrum and this will
   prevent them from accessing mainstream education.
* Over 30% of the children have dyslexia.
* Many of the children have experienced mainstream education and
   have found it too challenging.



How well do they do?

* We aim for each child to make at least two levels of progress on the
   National Curriculum. Most will achieve three levels over the five years

   they are with us.
* All children leave with some form of accreditation.
* We believe pupils take away much more from their experiences with

   us than just academic achievements, with lasting impacts on their

   personal and emotional wellbeing.