Activities undertaken incorporate situations that stimulate curiosity, generate enthusiasm for knowledge, and give pupils experience of sharing and co-operating. 

Pupils are encouraged to: 

Work independently in pairs or small groups
Purposefully use ICT in research and presentation
Think for themselves 

We aim to arouse pupils’ interest in the past by getting an understanding of their and their country’s, origins. We encourage an enquiring mind enhancing their thinking skills. Pupil’s will learn to recognise and make appropriate use of dates and vocabulary. They will consider the main events and people of the periods they are studying. With this they will learn to explain and analyse why events took place and why people acted the way they did. 

Key Stage 3 

In Key Stage 3 History will cover; The Romans, Normans and Middle Ages; The Tudor and Stuart periods and changes in Britain between 1750 and 1900; Native Americans, Plains Indians and their way of life; World War I and World War II 

Key Stage 4 

Some pupils will study for Entry Level accreditation. Pupils can continue to study History through years 10 and 11 if suitable for the individual.