Legal Requirements

The department is consistent with the legal requirements of RE particularly the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child, article 14, which states: “children have the right to think and feel what they want, and to practice their religion as long as they are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights. Parents should guide their children on these matters.” and The Education Act 1996 which requires that:  
• Religious education should be taught to all students (except those withdrawn at the wish of their parents)  
• The Agreed Syllabus should reflect the fact the religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian, while taking account of the teachings and practices of the other principle religions in Great Britain  
• An Agreed Syllabus must not be designed to convert pupils, or to urge a particular religion or religious belief on pupils  Content Much of the content of the school’s RE curriculum is adapted from the QCA schemes of work ( taking into account the new Agreed Syllabus for Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton. 

The topics presently studied at Key Stage 3 include:  
• Creation  
• Jesus  
• Stories of the Old Testament  
• Judaism  
• Celebrations  
• Buddhism  
• Symbols  
• Community  
• Islam  

And at Key Stage 4:  
• A famous religious figure (e.g Ghandi or Martin Luther King)  
• Hinduism  
• Sikhism  
• Festivals  
• Looking after the world  

Approaches to learning  

The learning environment should be stimulating to encourage critical thinking, so we regularly borrow artefacts and other learning materials from the county RE centre in Winchester. There’s also good ICT provision with an interactive whiteboard for presentations and video, and PCs and laptops for individual student use.  We recognise that the pupils need a relaxing and comfortable environment so they feel confident enough to express their views. We feel this an important aspect of the pupils’ learning experience in RE, and pupils are aware of the behaviour expectations and the rewards for clearly expressing their ideas.