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We believe that Mathematics is a creative activity that should be enjoyed.  It is a means of communicating information and ideas.  We provide useful tools for problem solving and encourage logical thinking and reasoning.  It provides pupils with important knowledge and the skills necessary to live an independent life as it is everywhere and we use it all the time.
Maths at Dove House School Academy follows the National Curriculum. Our curriculum offers a broad foundation of mathematical experiences designed to provide pupils with the understanding, skills and knowledge to deal with everyday situations.
The Maths department is well resourced and each Maths room is equipped with computers so that pupils can use ICT within lessons to enhance their learning.



Key Stage 3

Each pupil is timetabled Maths and every year group is set according to ability. Pupils will follow topics from the National Curriculum which will be differentiated to the level suitable to meet their needs and abilities. Pupil will have the opportunity to undertake functional skills tasks during lessons to enable them to use the mathematical skills they have learnt to solve real life problems.



Key Stage 4


Pupils are set by ability and follow an accredited course suitable to their needs and abilities. This will range from Entry Level qualifications to the Level 1/2 Certificate of Maths (IGCSE).





Homework is not compulsory but it is encouraged.   

Homework is provided for Key Stage 3 when appropriate. The work is set according to ability groupings, aimed at allowing pupils to complete it independently and to consolidate learning from each topic.  

Homework is marked and returned and extra help provided where necessary.    

Pupils in Key Stage 4 are provided homework when appropriate. Pupils undertaking IGCSE accreditation will be expected to complete homework and revision at home.   All pupils who complete homework are rewarded for their efforts.