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Science is an enjoyable creative activity that allows pupils to make predictions about the world around them and then experiment to test those predictions.  It also helps pupils develop their understanding of the world to help them to make informed decisions.

Science at Dove House School Academy follows the National Curriculum and is delivered by a team of mainstream trained Science specialists. Our rooms are well resourced and have separate areas specifically for theoretical work and practical activities. This system enables pupils to remain focused on particular activities whilst also providing for greater flexibility with the delivery of lessons.


Key Stage 3

Pupils are taught combined Science through a range of different topics based around four key ideas:

These key ideas are introduced in Year 7 then further developed and applied through Years 8 and 9 to allow pupils to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding. 

We use a range of interesting topic areas and investigations to encourage pupils to acquire skills ready for Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4


Pupils will have the opportunity to work towards either a BTEC Applied Science qualification at level 1 or 2 (GCSE equivalent E to C grade) or an Entry Level Certificate qualification in this subject.