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The aims of the swimming programme at Dove house School are:


    •  All pupils will leave school happy, safe and confident in and near water.


    •  All pupils will have an opportunity to learn to swim and ideally will be able to swim

       unaided when they leave.


    •  All pupils will be encouraged to progress to their full swimming potential,

       including opportunities to compete and links with local swimming clubs.




Where do we swim?


All lessons are held at the Basingstoke Aquadrome which is an excellent resource. The 20m teaching pool has a moveable floor which means the water depth can be varied lesson by lesson to accommodate the height and ability of the pupils.

The more confident pupils are also able to experience swimming in the 25m-competition pool.  This has a constant depth of 1.8m and necessitates swimming in lanes.

The lessons are taught by two members of Dove House School staff who are fully qualified ASA coaches and teachers.  There are always lifeguards on duty at the Aquadrome while swimming lessons are in progress.



Who Swims?


The number of pupils who swim each year has risen annually.  All Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils swim in curriculum time.  Non swimmers and weak swimmers in Key Stage 3 and 4 are identified and given extra swimming lessons.

The most able in all year groups are identified and given the choice of additional lessons in Option time, and also encouraged to join the School Swimming Team.

The groups are carefully organised to ensure every pupil makes maximum progress.  Those pupils who are nervous of the water or unable to swim are taught in very small groups.  Groups never exceed 10 regardless of age or ability.

Dove House encourage participation in National Swimming Events such as Schools Swimathon and Sport Relief.



How are the lessons planned?


The swimming lessons are planned using the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS).  This is a comprehensive, integrated, progressive teaching programme based upon sound technical and educational principles.  The HPTS comprises of three main areas of development:


    •  Skill development

    •  Stroke development

    •  Understanding and awareness


There is a range of awards, which have been designed to work in conjunction with the NPTS that act as great motivators for the pupils.  Safety is the first priority, followed very closely by progressive education in swimming.

Additional awards used to motivate pupils of various ages and abilities:



Dove House School distance awards:


    •  ASA School Speed Awards

    •  ASA National Curriculum Awards

    •  ASA Water Skills Awards

    •  ASA Preliminary Safety Award



Dove House Swimming Team


There is a school team which competes successfully at County, Regional and National level.  Each year an increasing number of pupils represent the school, at a variety of galas.  The team have amassed an impressive medal and trophy collection.

The team were nominated for the Basingstoke & Deane Junior Sports Team of the Year award in 2011, 2013 - 2016.



Community Links


Dove House School has a very strong link with Basingstoke Bluefins.  The Bluefins are a very large, successful swimming club based at the Aquadrome.  A Special Needs designated squad called “Sharks” is now established which offers excellent swimming opportunities for our pupils on a Friday and Sunday evening.

Pupils participate annually in the Basingstoke Lions Swimathon for charity.