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Scheme of work for Additional Science for Less Able and students with SEND.


This is the conclusion of a two year project which last year saw the successful launch of the Scheme of work for Core Science for less able students and students with SEND.  This initial launch attracted over 25 schools to Dove House. The idea was that students would be presented the ideas in a way that does not follow the normal pattern of delivery. It was topic based, with topics containing elements of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and be based on subjects that would interest students, such as mobile phones.  

Dove House Science department, in conjunction with colleagues from Costello School in Basingstoke, Henry Beaufort in Winchester and St Bartholomew's  in Newberry followed up the initiative to produce a similar scheme of work for Additional Science.

Over a period of 8 months the group met at Dove House School and collaboratively wrote a scheme to support students to reach their potential in this course.  There is evidence from the Core SOW that this has been very successful and students are obtaining higher grades than achieved previously through more traditional methods.

The SOW has been written in a similar way as the core Science SOW which is topic based. The team invited all the Hampshire and West Berkshire Schools on 1st July to the launch of the SoW at Dove House School. The materials for the Core and Additional Science SOW are now available for all schools to access at no cost.




Core Science Schemes


Scheme of Work Biology 1 to 4

Scheme of Work Biology 5 to 8

Scheme of Work Chemistry

Scheme of Work Physics


Additional Science Schemes


 Overall Scheme of Work

Birth, Life and Death