Through an exciting range of products such as cushions, bags, hats, toys and games, pupils learn to:

    •  Develop and plan products, communicating their ideas through drawings,

       mood-boards, talk, notes and ICT.

    •  Work with computers, modern machines, tools and materials to produce

       quality products.

    •  Evaluate and test both their own products and those commercially available,

       and evaluate their own work as they go along.

    •  Develop an understanding of fabrics, fibres, materials and components.

The main aim is to enable students, through varying degrees of support and differentiation, to have fun while learning and producing products they’re really proud of.

The Textiles Technology room is equipped with six modern general purpose sewing machines, two computerised embroidery machines, two overlockers, a sublimation printer and a heat press for printing fabrics.  

An exciting range of fabrics, threads, fabric paints, fabric crayons and dyes are also available.   We have 12 PCs and a digital printer for computer transfer of designs and images onto fabrics.  We use the industrial computer program ‘SpeedStep’ for designing and printing fabrics and helping to design products.


Key Stage 3

Pupils in Key Stage 3 have Textiles Technology for 90 minutes per week for two blocks of nine weeks.


Key Stage 4

Pupils in Key Stage 4 taking GCSE will have 90 minutes per week throughout the year.


“Design and Technology is about making things that people want and that work well. Creating these things is hugely exciting: it is an inventive fun activity.”
James Dyson, Chairman, Dyson Ltd.

“Tell me and I forget – show me and I may remember – let me do it and I learn.’Learning through making works!”
Prue Leith