Mission Statement: Making a Difference


In partnership with the parents and the community, our aim is to make a positive difference to the lives of all the pupils in the school.



Aims for pupils:

  • * To develop their knowledge, skills, experience and imagination to their maximum.
  • * To be able, by the end of their school careers, to take a full and active part in society as independently
  •    as possible.



Aims for Teaching and Learning:

* To provide educational experiences which are more effective than that offered in a mainstream school
   for children with learning difficulties .
* To provide learning situations and tasks which are stimulating, informative, planned and relevant.
* To minimise the effect of, or compensate for any disabilities.
* To provide the best in teaching and resources.
* To provide a curriculum which goes beyond the classroom and prepares the pupil for the adult world
   of work, leisure and potential parenthood.



Aims for the School:

* To be a place in which the children feel confident, safe and secure.
* To be a place where the pupils and their parents feel individually known and with which they are

   proud to be connected.
* To be an organisation, which is highly regarded and valued by the pupils, parents and the community
   to be an environment in which it is a pleasure to work.



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