Strategic Developments


Strategic Plan Summary
Improvement Targets 2014-15


Pupil Progress


50% of Y11 pupils to make 3 levels of progress from Y7
50% of Y9 pupils to make 2 levels of progress by the end of Key Stage 3 (Y9)


65% of pupils to reach 8ys plus reading level
30% of pupils to make 12 months reading progress in the year
55% of the pupils to make at least 6months progress


25% of the pupils to make 12 months progress in the year
60% of the pupils to make 6months progress in the year

To use the Pupil Premium to ensure there continues to be no gap in attainment . We can presently use the Pupil Premium across the whole school as there is no attainment gap.
To achieve 96% attendance with less than 1%unauthorised attendance
To develop the skills based curriculum to improve pupils life chances – Pathways
To place all of Y11 student in Post 16 education or employment



Strategic Improvements


Quality of Teaching
To continuously improve the teaching across the school with all teachers having successfully completed the Outstanding Teachers Programme, the PAATHS programme and the schools SEN programme.
To develop the use of new technology as teaching aids - 2 major projects, ipads and voice activation software.
To involve parents more directly in their child’s education.


To enhance the skill set of the governing body to meet the demands of being an academy.
To improve the quality of teaching and learning across the town through the Teaching School and the SCITT.
To develop the curriculum so that it is more personalised for each child and more exciting. (academy freedom)
To develop the school’s middle leaders - 2 to complete SENCO.
To revise the management structure to meet new demands of the school.


Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural
To develop the Pupil Voice in the school to make the pupils more independent and to raise their self- esteem.
To offer a wide range of extra curriculum activities.
To develop our links with Kwasa South Africa.
To improve pupils ability to make the eight choices.


To enhance the school’s provison for

• Careers and life opportunities for pupils - links with company's and

   other agencies.
• Alternative accreditation.
• SEN provision ASD, SALT OT.
• Develop Design Technology faculty to include Food and Computing.
• Wider curriculum experiences and make the curriculum more

• To increase the provision for off-site activities.


To improve the accommodation to include;

• A PE studio.
• To improve the opportunities for off-site teaching.
• To develop a facility to improve the Post 16 opportunities for pupils.