Safeguarding Children

At Dove House School Academy we have an established system in place for safeguarding our students. This allows us to identify students who may be suffering from, or at risk of, abuse and intervene as quickly and effectively as possible.

All staff are trained to recognise the signs that a child may be suffering abuse and understand the importance of reporting any concerns they may have. In addition there are specific staff who have undertaken additional specialised training to safeguard our students and other young people.


Our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is:

Miss K Ollive


Our Designated Safeguarding Deputies are:

Mr P Corry

Mrs B Wilson

Mr D Dupont

Mrs L Starke

Mrs K Read

Message to Students

If you have any concerns about your wellbeing or safety, or the wellbeing and safety of another child, please speak to a member of staff you feel confident to talk to as soon as you can.

Message to Parents / Carers / Other Adults

If you have concerns about a child at the school, or you have concerns about your own child please contact a member of the pastoral team, one of the DSL trained staff above or another member of staff you feel confident to talk to straight away.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Hampshire Children’s Services (local office):  0845 6035620

Childline:  0800 1111