Art & Design

Art and design stimulates creativity and imagination. In this subject we aim to inspire and challenge pupils to develop an understating of existing art and to invent their own works of art through the enhancement of skills and techniques.

Art enables pupils to operate at their own level and we offer a range of activities so that all pupils can reach their full potential and discover which particular mediums they most enjoy working with. We help pupils to develop fine motor skills, concentration and self-expression.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 we aim to ensure all pupils produce creative work and develop skills with a range of media. Pupils work in both two and three dimensions exploring drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and some photography.

Pupils learn to analyse ideas and meaning in art through the study of artists, craftspeople and designers in order to help them to develop ideas and styles of their own.

Project topics include Portraits; Mixed Media Animals, Jungle paintings, Illustration, Architecture printmaking and studying Natural Forms.

Key Stage 4

Pupils in Key Stage 4 will be expected to work from the foundations built up in the earlier years to complete a GCSE in Art and Design or Photography. Pupils will continue to refine skills and learn new techniques which they will illustrate within in individualised artworks. Pupils complete a portfolio of work which must include at least two units (projects) of work.

The GCSE is based on 4 assessment objectives which must be covered within their projects. These objectives look at pupil’s ability to; develop individual ideas, explore different media in order to refine those ideas, record artwork and written work to a high standard and produce a personal final piece.

As well as this pupils will complete an externally set task to be completed in Year 11 which will include preparatory work and a 10 hour unaided final piece.

Photography Work

Art Work