In English lessons, pupils of all abilities are supported, challenged and encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and to demonstrate an awareness of their strengths and areas for development. Pupils are given regular opportunities to practise their next steps through regular, dedicated ‘Target’ lessons.

Embedded within the topics and qualification courses shown below there, are regular opportunities for pupils to develop their Functional Literacy skills in preparation for adulthood. Pupils follow a synthetic phonics programme where appropriate to support their ability to read and spell. Regular Guided Reading sessions in small targeted groups help to develop pupils’ confidence to read and develop their comprehension of age appropriate texts.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage Three, particular focus is placed upon developing pupils’ ability to read fiction and non-fiction texts for meaning, to write for a variety of purposes and in different styles and to become effective communicators. These skills are developed through the teaching of a range of topics including: Advertising and the Media, Poetry, Prose, Persuasive and Instructional Writing, Texts from Other Cultures, Descriptive Writing, Persuasive Writing, Drama Texts and Shakespeare. Year 7 8 and 9 English topics are devised based on the requirements of the National Curriculum and the National Frame work for English.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage Four, pupils work towards the qualification that is appropriate to their ability and challenges them to achieve their full potential. The qualification courses include: AQA Unit Awards, Gold and Silver Step Up, Functional Skills and GCSE English Language.