Maths at Dove House School Academy follows the National Curriculum. Our curriculum offers a broad range of mathematical experiences designed to provide pupils with the understanding, skills and knowledge to deal with everyday situations and live an independent life.

Many of our students start Dove House with a lower level of mathematical ability than their mainstream peers, but we are committed to help every pupil reach their full potential in the subject. At Dove House we deliver maths through a range of interactive activities, age appropriate resources and diverse teaching styles to best suit the learning needs of our students. We wish to develop the independence and resilience of our learners and ultimately help them develop confidence in their abilities.

Every year group is set according to ability and Maths lessons are delivered by Maths specialist teachers from Year 7 through to Year 11. Our goal is to make Maths fun, relevant and exciting, whilst helping students to achieve an appropriate Maths qualification.

Key Stage 3

Pupils will be taught topics from the National Curriculum which will be differentiated to meet their needs and abilities. Pupils will have the opportunity to undertake functional skills tasks during lessons to enable them to use the mathematical skills they have learnt to solve real life problems.

Key Stage 4

Pupils will follow an accredited course suitable to their needs and abilities. Most students will take an Entry Level qualification in Maths and many students will take a Level 1 qualification in Maths such as the Edexcel Level 1 Award in Number and Measure. Students working at the appropriate level will be entered for the Edexcel GCSE qualification.


Homework is provided each week. It is not compulsory but it is encouraged. All pupils who complete homework are rewarded for their efforts. The work is set according to ability and it aimed at allowing pupils to complete it independently and to consolidate learning from each topic. Homework is marked and returned to students, with extra help provided where necessary. Pupils undertaking GCSE accreditation will be expected to complete homework and revision at home.