Science is a dynamic and enjoyable subject that allows pupils to make predictions about the world around them and then experiment to test those predictions.  It also helps pupils develop their understanding of the world to help them to make informed decisions.

Science at Dove House School Academy follows the National Curriculum and is delivered by a team of outstanding mainstream trained Science specialists. Our rooms are well resourced and have separate areas specifically for theoretical work and practical activities. This system enables pupils to recognise key differences in activities and expectations of how to conduct themselves in different areas of the classroom.

The Science Department has a heavy emphasis on practical activities and wherever possible will incorporate inspiring experiments to reinforce learning. Pupils are empowered to challenge themselves, within their ability and confidence range, to complete a range of experiments in a safe and supportive environment. The improvement in confidence towards such activities is clearly recognisable as you go up the school. Experiments are continually risk assessed to ensure they are accessible and beneficial for the level of the learner, equipment is appropriate and staff to pupil ratios are suitable.

Key Stage 3

Pupils are taught combined Science through a range of different topics based around four key ideas:


These key ideas are introduced in Year 7 then further developed and applied through Years 8 and 9 to allow pupils to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding.

We use a range of interesting topic areas and investigations to encourage pupils to acquire skills ready for Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4

The Department currently offers three different qualification pathways.

The first being, a Level 2 Gateway Applied Science Qualification graded at a Distinction, Merit, or Pass (GCSE Grade 5-8 equivalent). This is a challenging qualification that relies upon students being able to research and work independently on a range of tasks and experiments. The students work through a range of different units including Chemistry, The Living Body, Chemical Analysis and Detection, Application of Chemical Substances and Forensic Detection.

The second being, a Level 1 Gateway Applied Science Qualification graded at Pass or Fail (GCSE 3 equivalent). This is a solely coursework based qualification comprised of different units such as Study of Living Systems, Energy, Waves and Radiation, Scientific equipment and measurements.

The last being, an Entry Level Certificate. This is a coursework based qualification where students access a variety of topics across the Sciences and can be assessed by varying means such as question and answer and observational approaches.

GCSE revision resources