Faculty of Inclusive Education: Careers Provision

Our aim is to expose students to the world of work and give them a range of opportunities to develop independence, decision making and confidence in their choices for adulthood


Useful Resources for Parents

Making the Future Yours is a useful careers magazine.  The latest issue talks about what to do if your exam results are not what you expected, and T Levels.It also includes case studies on what it’s like being a Lab Technician, a Conservation Biologist and a Landscaper.

It can be viewed for free at along with previous issues.

Careermag for Parents is here to help parents, carers and guardians to support their young people along the way!  

National Apprenticeship Week

Dove House took part in activities to explore apprenticeships during National Apprenticeship Week recently. If you missed it, here are some linked activities and information which may be of interest.

Parent Career Information

Careers Lead Contact Details

For any information please contact the careers lead;

Helen Lee


We’d like to invite you to listen to a new vodcast called ‘The C Word’.  Intrigued?  Naturally, the C Word is Careers!  It’s aim is to help you to help your child make those important decisions about ‘careers’.  Created by two local employers, who work with Basingstoke schools, it will sow some seeds and hopefully also make you smile.  Judith and Maxine are passionate about supporting young people into employment; they would like you to join them in a relaxed but informative conversation.


Episode 1.  Starting the conversation.  What style of learning and therefore career could best suit your child?

The C Word with Judith and Maxine – YouTube   (13 minutes).

Key Stage 3

All KS3 students participate in a range of trips during Life Skills lessons which expose them to a range of different workplaces and careers (e.g. shops, dentists, police station, fire station).

Year 7:

Individual skills and qualities (one session)

Year 8:

Enterprise for charity – learning how to make a profit from a small starting budget (two sessions)

STEM opportunities for selected Year 8 students – links with local employers.

Year 9

Community Volunteering (two sessions)

Careers: (two sessions)

-recognising qualities and characteristics;

-relate strengths to areas of interest;

-identify limitations in terms of a working role.

Aspirations withdrawal sessions with PPM


Foundation Learning:

Units personalised to suit need. One half term focusing on careers and post-16 choices, including transition visits

Academic Pathway:

Personalised to suit need. Includes CVs and application forms, college visits, transition, study skills and choices at post-16.

Careers Preparation: (covered in all pathways)

College visits: each group will visit 2 local post-16 settings during KS4.

CVs and application forms

Job searching, applications and interview skills

Employability skills days (Basingstoke Consortium)

EHCP meetings: PPM speaks to parents of all students in Key Stage 4 about expectations at post-16.

Job Centre Plus provide targeted workshops on request

National Citizenship Service (Year 11 Summer term)

Work Experience (all learners)

Foundation pathway:

One week block placement in Year 11

Academic pathway:

One week block placement in Year 10.

Futures Fair

Open event to all SEN families, alternate years. Local providers from a range of services are invited)

Housing and benefits



Employment and apprenticeships




September offers and destination data

Follow-up calls (September) to check suitability of college courses.

Tracking of all leavers from 2014 up to age 25


PPO—Parent Partnership Officer

Dove House is a member of, and regularly hosts the HCC NEET meetings.  Dove House is also part of the M3 LEP Enterprise Advisor Network and evaluates its careers provision against the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Access to independent careers adviser (Basingstoke Consortium) and HCC’s Transitions Team for any student at risk of becoming NEET.

EHCP: preparing for Adulthood meetings