College and Career Events

It has been a great couple of weeks back at school and our KS4 pupils have settled back really well. Year 11’s have picked up where they left off and the year 10’s have made an excellent start to their qualification subjects.

We strongly recommend that you visit a range of colleges with your child in order to determine which provision will be best for them when they leave Dove House.

Although it may seem a long way off for year 10 pupils, it is incredibly important that they begin to look into colleges as soon as possible so that by this time next year they are ready to make a final decision. Making an informed decision with your child will also hugely help with their transition from Dove House. In our experience we have found that pupils that have visited colleges and have made a decision early on are far less anxious about leaving us than those that haven’t.

One positive to come out of the recent lockdowns is that colleges have had to create a lot of online content for prospective students. This means that most colleges now have virtual tours with teachers and students that give an excellent insight into the college. This might be a good starting point for those that have not visited any colleges as yet as it gives a bit of a taster as to what is on offer and what college life is like.

Year 11 parents/carers will need to have made a decision and their preferred college named on the EHCP at the next meetings. College applications generally need to be completed by 31st December.

If you need any support with the application process, or help in selecting an appropriate college or course then please contact the school and ask to speak with Jacky Gamble.

Paul Corry
Head of Key Stage 4
Dove House School Academy

Local College Open Events

Alton Campus HSDC Open Evening:
Thursday 29th June 5pm-8pm

Queen Mary’s College Basingstoke:
Thursday 27th April 5pm-8pm

Tuesday 2nd May 4:30pm

BCOT Apprenticeships Recruitment Fair:
Monday 19th June, 4:30pm

Sparsholt College:
Saturday 3rd May, Thursday 15th June


For further information, please see the individual college websites or check here: