Parent Partnership

Dove House School is committed to maintaining a close working relationship with parents and carers of children attending the school.

The Parent Partnership Officier offers the following assistance to parents and carers:

  • Advice and information on matters specific to special educational needs.
  • Completion of benefit forms.
  • Writing letters on behalf of parents to other agencies e.g. housing.
  • ¬†Information on services available to parents/carers within Hampshire.
  • Accompanying parents at meetings with other agencies.
  • Home visits.
  • Transition Planning, exploring opportunities beyond school.
  • A listening ear providing support/encouragement at times of difficulty.
  • A resource library containing local and national information related to special needs.
  • Providing support for the family.
  • Assistance with transport issues.


Prior to pupils joining the school the Parent Partnership Service likes to meet with parents/carers at home to:

  • Obtain the parents perspective about their child’s needs, strengths and interests.
  • Cement the close working relationship between school and home that will be maintained throughout the child’s placement at Dove House School.
  • Complete registration documentation.