Food Technology

BTEC Level 1 Award in Home Cooking Skills

Aims of the course:

This course will give pupils the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy cooking meals at home. They will gain an understanding of how to economise when planning meals to cook and will be encouraged to inspire others by passing on the skills and recipes you have learnt.
This course is based on the Chef Jamie Oliver’s proposition that being able to cook is an essential life skill that allows people to makes changes that have benefits to health and wellbeing.

Course Requirements

No previous experience of cooking skills is needed for this course. The specification states that basic literacy and numeracy skills are necessary in order to be able to read and understand recipes and measure ingredients.
Pupils at Dove House will be assisted in how to develop alternative recipes, i.e. picture recipes, where reading difficulties may impede their practical cooking session.

Study Programme

Pupils will be introduced to basic cooking skills by following simple recipes and learning how to use kitchen equipment safely. Each recipe will be underpinned with knowledge about its nutritional content and the benefits of using fresh ingredients.
Pupils will learn to cook a wide range of foods including eggs, breakfasts, simple soups, pasta dishes, basic bread making, dishes with mince, fish and chicken, puddings, salad preparation, healthy lunch boxes and baking such as brownies and biscuits.
They will also look at basic food hygiene requirements and the value of passing on information to others about home cooking.


This course is assessed by planning and preparing a meal and gathering a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate understanding of basic nutrition. Pupils will be expected to photograph the dishes they make during lessons and include these pictures and a small amount of written work in their portfolio. Written work takes the form of a weekly cooking diary which targets specific areas and pupils work with their peers and teachers within lessons to complete these. Incomplete diaries can be taken home for completion but it is the pupil’s responsibility to return it to their portfolio.


The course and its assessment are run over two years in Key Stage 4. This allows more time and flexibility to give our pupils as wide a practical cooking experience as we can.


A domestic style kitchen area has been developed within the new Food Technology department of the school. All equipment needed to undertake the course is provided.


Most basic ingredients for the recipes learnt will be provided but occasionally your child may wish to cook with a more specialist item, particularly if they have an allergy or specific dietary need. You will need to purchase this for your child as this is an integral part of their learning to shop for their own needs.

You will be asked to pay £2 per week towards the cost of ingredients.

Visits and Trips

Trips may include a visit to a local farm shop or farmers market and day visits to Privett Centre, to cook in unfamiliar surroundings.