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Dove House Academy


Art & Photography

The Creative Arts curriculum is designed to stimulate creativity, imagination and resilience. In Art the aim is to inspire and challenge pupils to develop an understanding of existing Art and to express themselves and individual ideas through the creation of their own works of Art. Pupils are taught the skills and techniques required to work in a range of different media and styles.​

Art enables pupils to operate at their own level whilst developing the confidence to experiment with a range of activities. All pupils are given the opportunity to reach their potential through the development of their fine motor skills, concentration and self-expression.​

In Key Stage 3 all pupils produce creative work and develop skills with a range of media. Pupils work in both two and three dimensions exploring drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and some photography, in line with the National Curriculum guidance.​

Pupils learn to analyse ideas and meaning in art through the study of artists, craftspeople and designers in order to help them to develop ideas and styles of their own as well as a greater understanding of other cultures.​

All the projects completed have the same format which takes the form of a simplified version of a GCSE coursework project. It is vital that pupils are prepared for Key Stage 4 as early as possible.​

Pupils in Key Stage 4 will be expected to work from the foundations built up in the earlier years to complete a GCSE in Art and Design or Photography. Pupils will continue to refine skills and learn new techniques which they will illustrate within in individualised artworks. Pupils complete a portfolio of work which must include at least two units (projects) of work.​