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In Dance pupils develop subject based skills alongside developing their self-esteem, improving communication, developing social and team building skills, improving their ability to problem solve and increasing their resilience. ​

Dance enables pupils to operate at their own level whilst developing the confidence to experiment with a range of activities and styles. Pupils learn about the health benefits of dance as well as the importance of self-expression and cultural expression through performance. All pupils are given the opportunity to reach their potential through the development of their fine and gross motor skills, communication skills, concentration and self-expression.​

A range of choreographic tasks are explored,  providing different ways that they can access the creative work ensuring success and a sense of achievement.  This is combined with an emphasis on understanding the skills required to work in groups such as communication and social skills, as well as resilience and compromise.  ​

Increasingly complex sequences of choreography are taught which develops gross and fine motor skills.  There is also a strong emphasis on use of space supporting pupils understanding of personal boundaries and appropriate use of space both in Dance and in social situations.​

Pupils are encouraged to make positive contributions to the lesson, commenting on others work and being guided to be polite and appropriate in the way they communicate with others.​