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Dove House Academy


Our ambitious curriculum is coherently planned and aligned with the National Curriculum for English 2014. It is designed to develop our pupils’ love of reading, writing, discussion and performance.​

We are committed to developing pupils’ ability to read and write through a systematic synthetic phonics scheme – using FFT Success for All.​

We make cross curricular links throughout all year groups and support pupils to see the relevance of English in all subjects.​

To develop cultural capital, we use real world examples throughout the curriculum and topics to support pupils’ development and provide them with real life experiences to support with life outside of Dove House Academy.​

We aim to make the subject as irresistible as possible for pupils of all abilities to ensure full engagement from them. We also ensure that we take into account the individual pupil’s passions and interests to support this.​

We use a range of stimulus texts throughout our topics to help inspire imagination and creativity.​

Our aim for Dove House Academy is that it is full of enthusiastic readers who care about books and believe that books can be a gateway to knowledge, thus preparing them for the wider world.​

English is the cornerstone of all learning, therefore a proficient skill in this subject is paramount to life success.​

Effective communication is encouraged throughout all lessons and covers a range of themes such as respecting the opinion of others, world views and expressing their own views and opinions.​

English provides pupils with a voice as a range of issues both current and historical  are explored and discussed. ​


To create and promote a reading culture across the school for pupils of all abilities with access to a wide range of reading materials e.g. books, audiobooks, comics and magazines.


For pupils to be able to communicate positively, critically and effectively through written language.​

For pupils to be able to write for a variety of purposes, including emails, letters, text messages etc. to ensure they are prepared for the wider world.​

For pupils to develop their confidence within their writing, enabling them to express their own opinions.​

Develop creativity and imagination.​

For pupils to write at a functional level to enable them to lead meaningful and independent lives – communicating with friends and family, writing job applications and completing day to day activities such as shopping lists, medical forms, birthday cards etc.​

To help improve self-confidence, self-esteem and personal achievement.​