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Dove House Academy

World Studies

Our aim with World Studies is to promote a love of learning about the world around us. Learners will learn to develop questioning and enquiry skills to enhance their curiosity about the world, people and cultures to become an independent thinker and active member of an ever-changing world. The rich and board curriculum with a focus on aspects of Geography, History and Religious and cultural aspects of life in Britain today and in the past where pupils can build awareness, nurture curiosity and develop connections with people, places and appreciate cultural heritage which is evident all around us locally, nationally and globally. 


World Studies lesson are delivered at Key Stage 3 through a number of topics which incorporate many transferable life skills from literacy with reading, maths with data handling, ICT for research and presenting findings and scientific based skills all aimed to teach pupils to enquire and question both in the classroom as well as during fieldwork and outdoor exploration. Pupils will have hands on and face to face opportunities designed to enrich their experiences of places and people in real life jobs, communities and religions to broaden their understanding of life in Britain today. 


From local studies of land use in Oakridge to UK Rivers, Climate & Weather and People Who’ve Changed our World. Lessons provide opportunities to refine enquiry questioning to seek evidence from reading maps for information, historical artefacts and documents as well as primary data collection, analysis and presenting information in ways that suit different learners.


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