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Ofsted Inspection 20-21 May 2015


Dove House School Academy is rated Outstanding by Ofsted in our recent Inspection.



Key findings:


*  Dove House School is a high performing school where students achieve exceptionally well academically and vocationally.


*  Teaching is lively and motivates students very well. Lessons proceed with pace and students respond well to teachers’ high expectations.


*  The behaviour and safety of students are outstanding. Students enjoy learning greatly and have extremely positive attitudes in lessons, contributing to their outstanding progress.


*  Students are polite, courteous and welcoming to visitors. They show great respect to each other, staff and property.


*  The headteacher, senior leaders and governors ensure an excellent learning environment where students flourish, gain confidence and achieve outstandingly well. They ensure the best possible provision is possible by pressing for continual improvements.


*  Parents and staff are proud of the school and hold it in high regard.


*  The school works hard to ensure students are successful in attending college courses when they leave school.




Leadership and Management are outstanding


*  Leadership and management at all levels of the school are exceptional.


*  Students follow an excellent broad and relevant range of courses and experiences.


*  The additional support provided for literacy, in particular, is excellent and equips students well to read and spell.


*  Governors are an active and very effective body.




Behaviour and Safety of Pupils are outstanding


The behaviour of students is outstanding. 


Students show a keen desire to learn and concentrate in lessons




Quality of teaching is outstanding


Academic expectations of students are high. There is a clear expectation that students will achieve externally recognised qualifications


*  Classrooms are bright and attractive, with lots of prompts to help students with their literacy and numeracy development


A strong focus on numeracy and literacy permeates the school.




Achievement of pupils is outstanding


*  The majority of students achieve an impressive range of nationally recognised qualifications.

The most-able students achieve outstandingly well when measured from their starting points.


*  The systematic approach to teaching literacy and strong emphasis on improving reading skills pays dividends, with students making outstanding improvement in their reading ages and written work.


High expectations of students are evident


Achievement in mathematics for many is outstanding








Ofsted Report 2015 Ofsted Report 2015 (205 KB)






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